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Seva for Saucha: in service to a cleaner earth, a cleaner you.

With the thousands of toxins used in everyday products unbeknownst to us, how do yogis embody the first of the Niyamas, Saucha? We believe living a healthy lifestyle and engaging in service are at the heart of yoga.

We invite you to join us for Earthdayogathon: a Cleaner Earth, a Cleaner You by hosting a donation-based yoga class, as seva practice, to support breast cancer prevention, on or around Earth Day, April 22nd. For more information, please contact gillian@protectourbreasts.org.

How to register

Register to host a fundraising class and receive our Partner Promotion Kit with customizable social media post templates, press releases, etc. Your location will soon after populate our Earthdayogathon map with the details and website link for your class.


After weeks of working to fix the technology, we are sorry to say it is simply broken beyond repair. However, the show will go on and many studios are signing up by sending details to gillian@protectourbreasts.org


Send Gillian the information from the list below and we will manually enter your donation-based class. Thank you SO MUCH for your support!

Here is to a Cleaner Earth, Cleaner You!!! Happy Earth Day!

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The Protect Our Breasts Earthdayogathon is an opportunity to join us in encouraging a cleaner earth, cleaner you by attending, hosting or sponsoring a donation-based yoga class around Earth Day, April 22nd.



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